My name is Jewell Siebert and I'm an empowerment coach and Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles.  I help people rediscover their passions, find that sweet spot in their work/life balance, and increase their happiness and success at career and home.

I know how to help people fall in love with their mornings again because I've done it myself.


For years, I lived my life from a place of fear.

  • Fear of not having enough.
  • Fear of not being enough.
  • I had what seemed like a really good life, but I wasn't truly happy.
  • I'd given up on my dreams and chose the "financially responsible" route, even though it was killing my spirit.

And every aspect of my life was affected. I was so drained.  I cursed at the alarm clock

It takes a lot of effort to succeed in a lifestyle you don't love.

Even my relationships were suffering. I mean, this may be hard to believe, but an exhausted, professionally unfulfilled woman with an unhealthy money story doesn't exactly make for a sparkling, fun companion. Crazy, right?

But then something amazing happened that made me take a serious look at my life and priorities.

I had the most perfect baby (spoken like an unbiased mom, for sure) and she completely rocked my world.

I knew right away that I wasn't going to spend long hours away from her doing a job that wasn't truly fueling me.  And that was it.  Seven days after she was born, I decided to stop settling, and I submitted my resignation paperwork.  Six months later, I left active duty and started my new life.

I didn't have a clue what to do. I felt lost and scared. I had silenced my inner voice for so long that I was out of touch with what I wanted. 

So I found a coach and figured out Me.  I booted fear out of the driver seat, worked through my self-sabotaging habits, and rediscovered my confidence. 

And that changed everything.

I discovered my purpose in life - what really lights me up inside (besides watching hockey and roller derby, that is) - as well as the path to get there.

And now that everything fits, it's like the universe is conspiring to help me achieve my dreams. Look out world! 

Today I live an authentic, purpose-driven life on my terms.  I'm excited to get out of bed every day, I'm living a life of meaning, and I'm happier than I've ever been.

I can't wait to help you join me!