A four month PRIVATE COACHING EXPERIENCE TO SUPPORT the working WOMEN WHO WANTs TO go from frazzled to free so she can live a soul-aligned life on her own terms.  

More time + more balance + more joy

This is for you if you want to:

  • Spend quality time with friends and family without worrying about the 27 other things you "should" be doing instead.
  • Be truly present whether at home or at work.
  • Enjoy free time without being distracted by the emails piling up in your inbox.
  • Have balance and harmony between the different roles you fill.
  • Let go of the overwhelm that somehow glued you to the couch and made you binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession (because, really, you know you couldn't get everything done anyhow, so what's the point?)
  • Go to bed at a decent hour, and falling asleep because you can shut your mind off.
  • Enjoy your work without feeling guilty that you're spending time doing something that fulfills you.
  • Confidently give yourself time to do the things you love, knowing that a relaxed and refreshed you will benefit your entire family.
  • Increase the amount of roller derby and Parks and Rec references you hear (ok, so that’s not required, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to get that if you stick with me)

"Working with Jewell has given me the confidence and courage to make needed life changes.... Jewell was there for me every step of the way by providing honest feed back and a fresh prospective to long time challenges and offered inspiration to continue when I wanted to give up.  I was able to use the life skills that she taught me to help navigate my way to a new and improved me."
--Cathy S.


Because You Can't Fill a Scrapbook with Could'ves and Should'ves

Does this sound familiar?

The phone conference has started without you, your kiddo is pulling on your pant leg to show you the peanut butter-covered dog, unanswered emails from clients are filling up your inbox, and let’s not even talk about the mountain of laundry that’s erupting from the hamper.

Keeping it together and making it work is the only option, but how long can this go on?  And when, oh sweet mother of all that is good, will you finally get twenty minutes to take a freaking bubble bath in peace?

I get it.

Four years ago I was sitting in my driveway crying because I was so unhappy and overwhelmed, even though my life looked great from the outside.  I had a secure job where I was doing amazing things and learning a ton, a great husband, fun friends, my dream car, the ability to take vacations….  But I was stressed and burned out - and this was waaaaaay before I even became a mom.  

Living like that isn’t fun, and it’s definitely not healthy for you or your family.  

Then I had my daughter, and the moment that I held that tiny pink perfect human, everything changed.  I decided that I couldn’t settle in my life anymore.  I wanted to teach her how to be happy, successful and brave. I wanted to show her that she could do whatever she wants in her life, without sacrificing her soul to the Always-Playing-Catch-Up-And-Struggling gods.  

Can you relate?

I decided my life needed an upgrade.

Not an easy task when you hate telling people “No,” have an endless to-do list, and no free time to do the fun things you really want to be doing.

But the reality is that you don’t have to settle for that.  You’re not destined for a life in coach, dreaming about a first class existence.  There’s a way to turn your life from being ok to amazing, and it all starts now.

For me, it started with a choice to change.  

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows from that moment on. It took me a while to figure out how to be the mom, wife, business owner and woman I wanted to be.

I spent so many nights lying in bed worrying about everything instead of sleeping (which is really useful when you’re already a sleep-deprived new mom....).

But then I made it my mission to be more balanced, more productive, and more joyful. 

I found some mentors who showed me that it’s possible to create the lifestyle I wanted, and taught me how to do it - without sacrificing my family time or my business focus.  I became a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles, a Certified Ignitor Coach, and a bestselling author.  

I experienced firsthand how taking charge of my life, discovering what I truly wanted, and breaking down my goals into manageable steps completely turns things around.  I learned how to get rid of time suckers that were keeping me frazzled, and to be able to focus on the people and the jobs that were in front of me.  In just a few months, I was on a completely new path and enjoying my life way more than I ever had before.

And I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, so you can bring the joy back into your life too!

That's why I created the Do More Joy Mentorship exclusively for you.  Check out the program details below.


Program Details

Your coaching calls will be highly customized to fit your goals, but these are some of the things we'll cover during our time together:

SOUL Focus

I'll help you connect with what you really want in life, and live on Purpose..  You’ll be able to let go of the guilt and stay on track, so that you can be truly present and enjoy what you're doing - whether it's spending time with family, crushing it at work, or snuggling up on the couch to catch up with your latest guilty pleasure flick.

Productivity + SELF CARE

You'll become more focused and productive, ending procrastination and getting more done with the time you have.  That means more time to do the things you love with the people you love, even when real life happens.


It's easy to get out of bed energized and happy when you're fulfilled with the work you do.  If you're not sure what really lights you up and gives you a sense of purpose, I'll help you figure it out.  Because a woman who's passionate about her life is unstoppable.

INSPIRED Goal Setting

Got goals?  Got goals that work for you?  Together we'll tap into your intuition to find out the best path to reach your personal and professional goals, based on your true desires.  Then we’ll break it down into a plan that helps you reach your big dreams without feeling overwhelming.


Ready to be the Boss Lady of your life?  Ready to feel confident, strong and fierce?  Ready to consciously choose what you say no to so that you have time and energy for those things that are a Hell Yes?!  I've got you.  Let's do it.


Did you know that happy people are more productive and successful?  Yep - science!  Together, we'll get into the nitty gritty of what success looks like to you,  then identify and clear those things that are keeping you stuck.  I'll hold you accountable on reaching your goals so you get there even quicker.  Plus, I'll teach you the skills you need to bounce back quickly after setbacks.


And a Little Extra Somethin'-Somethin'

In addition to practical productivity strategies, I use a variety of energetic tools, such as tapping, chakra clearing, reiki, theta, and meditation (depending on what you need at the time).  We’ll center, ground, release tension, overcome subconscious limiting beliefs, and clear energy blocks.  You'll be able to do things like put an end to procrastinations, confidently say no to people and things that don’t light you up, be relaxed and focused whether at work or at home, and get over grudges and get on with your badass self.


Here’s What You Get

  • Welcome questionnaire to make sure you’re getting the most out of our time together
  • 8 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls (2 each month) with energy work as needed
  • 8 x video modules (2 each month) with success strategies to support you in your personal development
  • 1 x 30-minute next steps strategy call the week after your last session
  • 4 months of email access to me for those times when you have a quick question or need a little boost
  • My recommended reading list to keep you in a positive mindset

kathleen seely.png
“If you feel like life is good but may be missing some passion and flair… if you are ready to look at what might be next for you… Jewell Siebert can help you find that hidden jewel deep inside you, waiting to be revealed.”
— Kathleen Seeley, Leadership Consultant and Transformational Speaker


My Promise to You

If you open yourself up to the process, and implement the systems I teach you, you'll see a dramatic change in your career, your personal life, and your relationships.  You'll be more in control, more successful, and more fulfilled.

You don't have to settle for a life that's less than what you've always wanted.  It all begins with you and a choice.


Now it's your chance.  Are you ready to say yes to getting more done and adding more joy to your life?

If you’re ready for an upgrade, then let’s do this!  Treat Yo’Self! (Hehe - I promised you more Parks & Rec, didn’t I?)


“I Am your type-A personality who wants to have the successful career and find time for a successful personal life….  I have found Jewell’s coaching to be just what I need….  My life wouldn’t be the same without her and I know she has direct contributed to my emotional health and my professional achievements.”


— Ashley W.