Looking for a speaker to present at your event? 

As a Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles, I can teach your group skills to jump-start their success.  And if you're looking for an even better option, my husband Matt can join me (He is pretty wonderful.  I signed up for a lifetime subscription, after all).  

Be warned though - these presentations are fun, and have been known to inform, motivate and inspire people to perform amazing feats of personal success propulsion.

Status-quo seekers should just stay home.

Eating that Ben & Jerry's.

Watching The Batchelor.

Wait, that actually sounds like fun too.... Never mind, you know what I mean. 

Learning from the always fantastic Jack Canfield.

Learning from the always fantastic Jack Canfield.

Speaking engagement types:

Keynote: 1-2 hours

Half-day: 2-4 hours

Full day: 4-7 hours


Each speaking event is tailored to your needs. 

Topic examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Discovering passions and life purpose
  • Taking responsibility to achieve results
  • The power of visualization
  • Goal setting
  • Letting go of guilt and resentment
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Using the Law of Attraction 
  • Taking action 
  • Creating a supportive network
  • The power of asking
  • Using feedback to your advantage

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