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Jewell’s wise counsel transcends the bumper sticker mantras of pop-psychology and offers a practical challenge that inspired me to examine my own mindset. I absolutely recommend Jewell’s work to any and all individuals to seeking to live their best lives.
— Heather McAteer

Sometimes people project their own beliefs onto you. Here's how to deal with it when those beliefs are less than ideal.


Stop wasting energy trying to fit into a mold. Be confidently YOU, no matter where you are.




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The best way to make sure you're on top of your game is to make sure you're mentally prepared. These goodies will help you get grounded, get focused, and let go of stress faster. Look out world!

morning meditation


evening meditation



Energy Leadership Assessment

How we show up in life impacts what kind of leaders we are. This assessment gives you crucial insights into how stress impacts your responses, as well as a strategy for getting back to where you want to be.

tapping / intuitive imagery session

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, and can't figure out why. We know what we need to do, but for some reason, we procrastinate, we keep spinning our wheels, and we get more and more stressed. These sessions are great for busting through roadblocks, getting rid of anxiety, and for quieting down that little voice in your head that keeps beating you up.

Self-Study online Courses


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1:1 Mentorship

Do More Joy Mentorship.  It's my signature system that's a personalized, VIP experience to support you in being a better leader, making the most of your time, and getting your sanity back. Together we'll create long-lasting change in your life (and we'll have a good time doing it)! 


Put on those party hats, because today is all about YOU. We'll spend 4 hours diving deep into the issue that you need solved. Whether you're about to lose your mind dealing with negative people, you're trying to figure out how to get up enough nerve to go after your next promotion, or you're not sure what you need - you just know that something's missing... I've got you. And no, party hats aren't really required. 

Speaking / Training

Looking for a speaker for your next event or training? I create fully-customized experiential presentations that entertain, inform, and inspire.



Like to kick it old school with actual paper books? Me too - there's just something about hand-written notes.

I've written a chapter in each of these bestselling books. Click the buttons below to order directly from me, and I'll write you a personal inscription.


Inside Success University for Women (in Business), you'll hear from 16 successful business women from all over the world who chose to face their fears and succeed.


A collection of stories and tips from today's thought leaders to guide you on your way to achieving your goals.


Inspirational stories of healing, success, overcoming challenges, personal growth, mindfulness, soul expansion, soul alignment and finding your purpose in life.


Relearn and rethink the way you perceive limitations.