Jewell has an incredible gift. After just one tapping session with her, I felt calmer, more focused and more relaxed. At the time, I was having big issues with procrastination. It had been days since I had felt productive. I literally got off our call and was immediately getting stuff done with ease! And the days that followed were even more so! Seriously, sign up to work with Jewell. You can’t put a price on the value she will add to your life!

Kim Heintz, Online Business & Technical Strategist, www.kimheintz.com


I had never worked with a life coach; I am wishing I had done it years earlier. Working with Jewell Siebert has given me the confidence and courage to make needed life changes. Jewell’s guidance proved invaluable as I began my journey with a focus and purpose I had not had previously. Jewell was there for me every step of the way by providing honest feedback and a fresh perspective to long time challenges, and offered inspiration to continue when I wanted to give up. I was able to use the life skills that she taught me to help navigate my way to a new and improved me.

Cathy Stromsdorfer



I am your type-A personality who wants to have the successful career and find time for a successful personal life. Naturally, sometimes all the wonderful things I want to accomplish can cause me to feel overwhelmed, uncertain and stressed. Over the past several years, I have found Jewell’s coaching to be just what I need. Personally I appreciate that she knows exactly what I am experiencing and makes me feel at ease in knowing I am not at it alone. She approaches our sessions with a truly genuine heart, and I know she cares that I not only find professional success, but I find ways to be successfully happy. Through phases of career changes and life changes, Jewell has been able to apply her successful coaching approach to help me through the different and unique challenges that each change presents. My life wouldn’t be the same without her, and I know she has directly contributed to my emotional health and my professional achievements.

— Ashley Woyak


$15,000!!! WOW! In just two sessions with Jewell I brought in a total of $15k after being at a complete standstill as if I had hit an invisible brick wall. I walked away from the sessions feeling like I was on a natural high! Jewell is INCREDIBLE!
— Brooke Rash, The Social Celebrity


“Jewell Siebert can help you find that hidden jewel deep inside you.”

If you feel like life is good but may be missing some passion and flair...if you are ready to look at what might be next for you...Jewell Siebert can help you find that hidden jewel deep inside you, waiting to be revealed to the world.

As a speaker she is articulate and engaging. Her sense of humor is perfectly timed to direct insight and self discovery. She is easy to connect with because she is authentic and willing to share her journey as she inspires others on theirs.

Kathleen Seeley, Leadership Consultant and Transformational Speaker

“Get in touch with that part of you that's been missing in your life”

Jewell Siebert will entertain and educate, inspire and empower you. She possesses a powerful blend of wisdom, humor and authenticity that, whether from the stage or one-on-one, will make you feel as if you’re having a conversation with a trusted friend and mentor. With genuine warmth and professional knowledge, Jewell will help you discover your passions and get in touch with that part of you that’s been missing in your life.

Danne Reed, Author



I'm a high energy guy. Like REALLY high energy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything running through my head.... I realized thatneeded something, because obviously me just trying to "power through it" wasn't getting me any results. So I changed it up BIG TIME and booked a session with Jewell.


...Jewell can help you regain that control, that sense of peace, that sense of feeling centered, like you are in control and you always have been. It's an INCREDIBLE experience."

— Jason Rash, The Social Celebrity

My experience with Jewell was transforming. She has an ability to see straight through to what my soul Really desires. I would recommend this coaching experience for anyone who is looking to feel empowered in their everyday life.
— Bethany Anderson

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