My Quiz Tool for Better Customer Experiences

Today I’m going to do something a little different. And it’s specifically for my fellow entrepreneurs out there….

Typically I talk about mindset strategies that make life easier & better.

But today I’m going to talk about a tool I use to make business life easier & better – for both you and your clients. (And yes, I do have affiliate links on here – for products that I personally enjoy using in my own business.)

Almost a year ago, I discovered Ryan Levesque & his Ask Method. Now, if you’re not familiar, Ryan teaches business owners how to discover what it is that clients want, and to segment them into different “buckets” based on their particular needs.


It’s a win-win – you use feedback to create better and more personalized services, and the people you serve get what they truly want and need.


So once you figure out what it is that your clients want, the question becomes “How do you figure out who wants what?”

One way I like to do this is by using quizzes.

There are multiple quiz-builder options out there, with a big span of features and price points.

What I use in my own business is a tool called Interact.

Why I like Interact

In a nutshell, it:

  • Does what I need
  • Looks good
  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Is affordable
  • Has really nice and helpful customer service
  • Integrates with my CRM

Yes, there are one or two other quiz platforms with a few more bells & whistles, but they offer more than what I really need right now, and they’re not as affordable. Plus, with the way I’ve seen Interact evolve over the past couple years, I won’t be surprised if they continuing adding the features I’ll want in the future.

Here are some specifics:

It Does the Job: I was looking for a quiz builder that had branching logic, picture options for questions & responses, and that could integrate with my CRM. With Interact, I can do all those things, plus send my clients to external results pages, so I can include bonus gifts specifically tailored to their needs. It’s pretty easy to use too. I got comfortable with the system in about 30 minutes of playing around on my own.

(Here’s an example of one of the questions from my quiz. Looks pretty nice, eh?)


Customer Service: This one is incredibly important to me. I like to do business with companies that are helpful, responsive, and kind. Any time I’ve had a question or hiccup, Interact’s team has been super helpful – even when it came to integrating with outside applications.


Affordable: Now I don’t know about you, but I was kind of surprised by how many tools I’d be using to set up and (partially) automate my business. So although I know that cheaper isn’t always better, I do consider cost and value when making my decisions. Having used a couple different quiz & survey builders at varying price points, Interact has been the one that’s hit the value / cost sweet spot.


A feature I would like to see added in the future:

The ability to directly integrate with my CRM going backwards. Let me explain…. When someone takes your quiz, you can create them as a new contact in your CRM, and connect their answers to specific fields so you know what things they’re interested in. But, I also want to give quizzes to people already on my newsletter list. I can still merge their fields, but they have to re-enter their name and email address at the end of the quiz for it to work without adding third-party integrations. This feature definitely isn’t a show-stopper, but I’d like to take out the extra step for my people.



I’m a big fan.

I use Interact to make quizzes to better understand and customize services for my people. I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a well-designed, affordable quiz tool with great customer service. If you’d like to try it out, you can click here.

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