When you think of meditation, do you picture cross-legged yogis on mountain tops meditating for hours?

I know I used to. Or rather, I used to think it had to be this difficult process, where I had to sit and think of absolutely nothing for a really. long. time.

But that’s not true AT ALL.

In fact, did you know that studies show even just a few minutes of meditation on a consistent basic changes our brains for the better?


Start Your Day Off Right with This Quick Morning Meditation


Alrighty, in just a little bit, I’m going to share some cool things about what science has shown us about meditation, and a super-easy 4 step process for Meditation Made Easy.

But first, I want to share this video with you.

As a woman with a lot going on (AKA – all women), I’m always on the lookout for things that are quick, easy and effective.

And I thought you might be the same.

So here’s a short morning meditation that I wrote to help get the day off on the right foot. Imagine – feel balanced, grounded and energized in just 6 minutes!




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Just a Little Meditation Does Wonders for the Mindset & for the Body


It’s probably no surprise that multiple studies show that meditation is a good thing. It’s been shown to decrease stress, improve clarity of thinking, improve mental and physical health…. the list is extensive!

Oh, and Fun Fact: Dr. Herbert Benson of the  Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, published his findings on how meditation reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and brain activity – all the way back in 1975.

And another really interesting study by Dr. Sara Lazar of Harvard showed that meditation actually increased grey matter density.

We’re talking literal brain growth.


Anyhow, if you’re here reading this page, I can assume I don’t have to sell you too much on the benefits of meditation.

The real question is, “Yeah, I know I should meditate, but when???”

Ah! That, my friend, is where I’ve got you covered.


Meditation Made Easy


Now there are lots of different techniques for meditating. I’ve covered some of them in my post with my Quick Evening Mediation, but here are the nuts and bolts of getting down to business:


Step 1: Find a Comfortable Spot


If you’re too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable, that’s where you’re going to focus. You can sit, stand, lay down. Shoot, you can even get yourself into a meditative state during exercise (One of my clients loves to meditate while swimming laps. How’s that for multitasking?)


Step 2: Close Your Eyes and Breathe Like You Mean It


Whether you’re doing a guided visualization like the one I’m sharing with you in this article, or doing a mantra or a breathing-focused meditation, you want to center yourself.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to close your eyes (so that you’re not distracted), and take slow deep breaths. The breathing will help calm your heart and relax your body too.


Step 3: Notice the Thoughts & Let Them Go


This was seriously one of the biggest misconceptions I had about meditating.

I thought you had to be clear-headed. To stop all mental activity. To silence the inner voice.

Maybe some people can do that….?

I, however, am not (yet) one of them.

And that’s perfectly fine, because a thought-free mind isn’t necessary when you’re meditating.  Thoughts happen, and that’s ok. The thing to remember when meditating is to not judge yourself for outside thoughts being there. Just notice, then let them go like a balloon.


Thoughts happen, and that's ok. The thing to remember when meditating is to not judge yourself for outside thoughts being there. Just notice, then let them go like a balloon.Click To Tweet


And sometimes when you’re meditating, you’ll notice that you are Just. Not. Feeling. It.

That’s ok too. I have those moments, and I really enjoy meditating. But sometimes I find that I’m not in the right place to sit still. And trying (and failing) to meditate just stresses me out.

If / when that happens to you, notice and go with it.

Absolutely give it an honest effort, but I definitely don’t recommend forcing it. If you’re like me, it’ll have the opposite effect of what we’re going for.  😉

You know, maybe that moment is’t the right time. Maybe a different type of meditation would work best for you (guided visualizations are normally pretty easy to start with). Or maybe try starting with a shorter amount of time.

Heck, 30 seconds of deep breathing is way better than none at all!

And since we’re on the topic….


Step 4: Aim for a Few Minutes a Day


Ok, so you’ve got the basic steps down. Now let’s talk about when and how long.

Meditation doesn’t have to take long. Some days I’ll do a 45 minute meditation, but most of the time, I stick with 10 minutes or less.

And yes, every day IS ideal. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth. Or maybe knitting brain cells, to be more accurate…. Whatever – you get my drift.

I just know that the feeling following meditation is crazy addictive, and I always feel better on days when I do it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll notice the same.

So, that’s a little bit on making meditation quick and easy! I’d love to hear what you think about the morning meditation in the comments below!

Of course, the morning and evening meditations are available to you for free on Youtube, but if you’d like to purchase your own copy to download and take with you anywhere, you can do that here!

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Until next time, Happy Ohm-ing!


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