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How to Let Go of Guilt & Shame from Mistakes


If you’re like the rest of us, then occasionally you screw up royally.


When we do that, it’s normal to feel guilt, remorse, shame…..



Holding Onto Guilt


I’ve talked about holding onto neurotic guilt in this post on Paying for Mistakes. But if you want the really short version, holding onto guilt after the fact hurts us in several different ways.


So, what to do?


Well, we can choose to let it go.


“Oh is that all, Jewell? Yeah, just let it go. Why didn’t I think of that already?”  😉


Forgiving ourselves when we screwed up (especially when we hurt other people) can be tough. Trust me, as someone raised in an old-school Catholic household, I know a thing or two about guilt.


But the good news is, it can be done.  Know where I’m going with this…?


How to Forgive Yourself and Let Go of Guilt and Shame Using Tapping / EFT


Yep – there’s a Tap for that.

And unfortunately, we typically replay the dang thing – and what we should have done – over and over and over.


I do it regularly. And it works. Some things tap out in just one go, and some of our bigger mistakes…. Well, they could take some repeated goes at it.


But each time you tap on guilt and shame, you take away a piece of it.


You take away it’s hold on you, so you can forgive yourself, and get on with becoming the best version of yourself.


Now full disclosure, when I started creating this tap, I wanted it to be a 3-5 minute mini-tap (the video ended up being 13:30). I mean, we’re all busy people right? And I certainly don’t tap on guilt for more than 5 minutes most days.


But I figured that I would leave the video as-is.


First of all, because there are some issues that run deep, and we could use a few extra minutes on them.


And second, because you can always pull out your favorite bits for creating a shorter version of your own.


So that’s it!


And if you’d like a refresher on what exactly is going on with tapping, you can check out this blog post on how to use EFT / Tapping for more details.


Until next time, Happy Releasing!


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