HaveLess Stress & More Fun this Holiday Season

With a daily mental relaxation experience to replenish your mind + soul.

So you can be calm, stay in control, and create better memories with the people you love... in just minutes a day.

Love the magic of the holidays, but feeling more frazzled than festive these days?

It’s no wonder.

With 20 million and seven things on your to-do list, keeping up with the kids’ school, and dealing with the big ball of uncertainty, stress and turmoil that 2020 has been….

It’s hasn’t exactly been easy to keep your head above water.

When we have all those things going on, what's the first thing to fall to the wayside?


Your self-care.

Your self-pampering, sanity-saving, precious YOU care.

And that, my friend, is not going to cut it.

Because when you're feeling stressed and run down, sure, it feels crappy.

But you know what else?

It means:

  • We start the day feeling like we're already behind, 
  • We get distracted, and have trouble focusing to get things done
  • (Worst of all) we lose our temper with the people we love. 

And we completely miss out on the goodness going on all around us.

Those amazing cups of hot coco, decorating with twinkle lights, and making special (and fun) memories together.... 

I know, because when I don't have an easy process to take care of myself, I hop on that train too.

And then the stress wins.

Sure, we all know practices that are amazing for our mental, physical and emotional health.

But knowing and doing are two different things. 

What we need is a system that makes it easy, and keeps us on track - that fits into REAL life, and doesn’t take a ton of time.

That's why I created.....

The Mental Oasis

It’s a 35-day experience where you’ll get daily done-with-you calmness prompts that take 5-6 minutes to do.

I like to think of it as a mini spa-vacation getaway for your brain (no passport required!).

They’re science-backed practices, bundled into bite-sized pieces. Effective enough to help you build your reservoir of patience.

Simple and quick enough that you’ll actually do them. 

Plus you’ll feel so good, you might want to sneak in an extra round throughout the day!

Each day’s content is available to you in audio, video and text so you have your choice of what works best for you.

Plus, we’ll have Q&A sessions and opportunities for you to get help with your specific stress challenges (pretty awesome, right?).

We start on 30 November!

Give Yourself the Gift of Calm

So You Can Curb Holiday Stress Even Before it Starts


  • Being able to enjoy the little moments more, because you’re mentally THERE and not stressing out about the thing that didn’t go as planned, or worrying about what’s next.
  • Feeling more calm and and in control - keeping your sanity even on those days where everything’s going wrong.
  • Being more productive because you’re turning down the stress that makes your brain feel scattered, unfocused, and overwhelmed.
  • Feeling more confident and not letting that “bless their heart” person (you know the one…) get under your skin.

This is for You If....

  • You’re busy, you’re stressed, AND you could use a little mental boost to help you actually relax and have fun this holiday season. 
  • You’re interested in meditation, tapping and other stress relief practices, but aren’t sure what to do, can’t find the time, or don’t remember to do it because, you know...life.
  • You've tried to stick with a morning routine or daily practice before, but pretty soon it starts to feel like a chore - just one more thing that has to get done
  • You want the opportunity to get personalized help for your specific challenges. You'll have the option to (confidentially) request special bonus practices for the group on topics that are stressing you out

It's time to take care of the woman who takes care of everyone else.

The Mental Oasis is Not:

  • It’s not a course 

There are no lessons. Each day, you get a done-with-you practice delivered to your inbox (and in your members area). We’ll have Q&A sessions for you to get extra help, but no traditional classes.

  • It’s not something where you "fall behind"

Miss a day? That’s ok. You can skip it. You can go back and do it. You can do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. Whatever.

Let’s not stress ourselves out with the anti-stress experience. This is supposed to be fun.  ;)

  • It’s not a magic wand that will turn your holidays into a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting

Will you still have moments when you lose your crap, or feel like you’re failing at life?

Probably. I still do. 

BUT, it will boost what I call your “Reservoir of Patience," giving you more calm + grace so those moments happen less frequently. And so you bounce back quicker when they do.

What You Get....

  • 35 days of bite-sized practices that you can do in 5-6 minutes, delivered straight to your inbox
  • Video, audio & text versions each day so you can do your practice whichever way you prefer
  • Daily Tracking Calendar to help you stay excited and motivated about your progress
  • Q&A Sessions for extra support and group EFT Tapping
  • Welcome Packet with reference guides so you can get your ohm on even easier, no matter how much experience you have with stress-relief practices
  • BONUS: Opportunity to request practices for specific issues that are stressing you out
  • BONUS: Sleep SOS Strategies for handling late night worries
Jewell Siebert How to feel more calm
Jewell Siebert

I'm a bestselling author, speaker and ICF Associate Certified Coach helping women to create more meaning, impact and fun in their lives.

Having spent 4 years at the United States Military Academy at West Point, 14 years as an active duty Army Officer, and 5+ in the Reserves, I've learned a thing or two about handling stress.  ;)

I believe that time is our most precious recourse, and how we use it matters (an idea that became even more real to me when my daughter was born).

If you'd like to create more patience, calm and ease in your life, I'd love for you to join me in the Mental Oasis Experience.

What Others Say


I would hire you because you have such wonderful energy - I just want to be around it every week. You have what we call the 'it factor.' You are so radiant and vibrant, I know you’re going to help other people experience that in themselves.

Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles

Jack Canfield 

Originator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, award-winning speaker, and internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies


Jewell has an incredible gift. After just one tapping session with her, I felt calmer, more focused and more relaxed. At the time, I was having big issues with procrastination. It had been days since I had felt productive. I literally got off our call and was immediately getting stuff done with ease! And the days that followed were even more so! Seriously, sign up to work with Jewell. You can’t put a price on the value she will add to your life!

Kim Heintz 

Functional Health Strategist


Working with Jewell was a dream! I had no idea what to expect! After our tapping session, I felt 100% better! I came in wanting to work through some personal things along with raising my prices and feeling 100% confident doing that. She is truly delightful, and spoke my language. Because of tapping with Jewell I walked away a new woman, ready to up my price because I finally felt like I was worth it!

Lauren Girdler

Stylist for Busy Moms


Regular Price $97

Special Black Friday Pricing through 30 November 2020:

Mental Oasis Experience: $47

Diamond Experience: $200, payment plan available

(All the above, plus 2 x 1:1 coaching calls - typically only reserved for my clients in long-term packages)

One More Thing....

Let's face it, this year hasn't exactly been easy.

My intention with Mental Oasis is to provide you with a wonderful, life-altering experience, for an incredibly affordable investment.


*I know that many people have lost their jobs and are struggling financially.*

So if you would love to join us, but don't have the $47 to invest in this right now, send me a note at jewell@jewellsiebert.com.

Let me know you'd like the "Own Your Worth Scholarship," and I'll gift the Mental Oasis Experience to you for free.

I've been in a place where my friends helped me get by too, so I get it.

You're not alone. You matter. You're loved.


What do you know about handling stress?

Being a West Point Cadet, an Army Officer, a mom, a business owner, a woman has taught me a lot about handling stress.  

I use and teach practices that I learned in my military career and in my professional coaching studies. (I take a LOT of courses on the human brain - fyi). And I use these habits with my clients, and for myself every day.


It’s only $47 for the Black Friday price. Is it going to be any good? 

Short answer: Heck Yeah! 

Longer answer: Valid question. $47 seems a little odd for daily stress-relief, Q&A calls, personalized support, and bonuses. I mean, that’s a lot of work.  And $47 is less than $2.00 a day.

But here’s the thing, I HATE the fact that so many women are struggling. I got the idea for this experience when I was on a call and a lady said she felt like she was failing in every area of her life - as a mom, in her job, and in her classes. It made my heart sad.

And this year has been stressful.

So I decided to create this experience. Because I KNOW it helps.

(These are literally the same tools I use to keep my sanity as a mom / 9-5er / business owner / laundry-doer / etc.)

And through 27 Nov 20, it’s only $47 because that’s what I want it to be. It’s an easy purchase, so it can help lots of people. (And if someone who needs it really can’t afford it, I have an option for that too.)

So, as moms around the world have said for generations, “It’s $47 because I said so.”

Is there a refund?

No. You get access to bonuses as soon as you purchase, so there are no refunds.

If something comes up and you can’t do the 5-6 minute daily activity, you’ll have unlimited access to the program after it’s complete.

I have more questions....

Send me a note at jewell@jewellsiebert.com

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