September 19


Numbing Out Pain & How Not to Freeze the Whole Casserole

By Jewell Siebert

September 19, 2018

Ever have a time when you felt really upset, sad, disappointed, and just wanted it all to go away?

That was me last weekend, right in the middle of some relaxing family time.

I got a message from my step-sister regarding legal paperwork regarding my father’s death a year ago that needed input from me to close out, and it stirred up all these emotions I didn’t want to deal with.

I felt angry. Disappointed. Resentful. And most surprising, sad.

My first instinct was to just stop feeling it – to just stomp it down.


Trying Not to Feel is Often Our First Instinct


It can be easy to try to numb your feelings.

Especially when we have other things to do, and can’t afford to be a walking-hot-mess.

But when you numb out to avoid painful feelings, you miss out on all the good ones too. 

Put a casserole in the freezer, and everything freezes – the peas, the noodles, and the gravy.

The Alternative to Numbing Out


There’s a better way….

Allow yourself to process and release.

It isn’t necessarily pleasant (or easy) in the short term….

But long term?

Well, I for one want to feel the joy, connection and happiness of the everyday pleasures.


How to Handle Unpleasant Feelings


And that means opening up your heart and allowing yourself to feel whatever’s there.




Today I invite you to take a look at where you might be freezing your own casserole, and start thawing that thing out!

Do it for yourself. And do it for the people you touch.

Because there’s a whole lot of good to experience when we have the strength to be truly open to what’s going on inside.

Talk soon!

Jewell “Defrosting” Siebert


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Jewell Siebert

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