Feeling Stressed Out by 2020?

Get Ready to Feel More Relaxed, Calm & In Control 

Hi, I'm Jewell Siebert

I created these videos to help you handle the stress of 2020. Because holy moly has this been a chaotic year.

You can pick and choose what topics you'd like to do based on what's stressing you out.

I recommend starting with the first video below (called "Start Here!"), because it gives some instructions and an overview of what to expect.

Happy Stress Relieving!

Start Here!

Watch this video for an introduction on how to use EFT / Tapping to reduce 2020 stress in just 10 minutes or less.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Relieve stress and anxiety from not knowing what's going to happen next, or if/when things will get back to normal. If the phrase "new normal" makes your heart speed up, this video's for you.

Work Stress during COVID

This tapping video is for reducing stress of dealing with negativity at work: people being stressed and short-tempered, fewer people to do the same amount of work, and people arguing and bickering.

Job Loss

If you or someone you love has lost a job, this EFT video is for helping you turn off the fight-or-flight response so you can think more clearly about what to do next, and be able to see new opportunities.

Feeling Lonely

If you're feeling lonely and missing human contact during quarantine, this video will help you to feel less alone and more connected.

Feeling Lonely - Kids

This tapping video is to help kids who are missing their friends and feeling uncertain or anxious about what's happening in the world.

Feeling Small + Insignificant

The problems in the world can feel very big right now. And sometimes we feel too small to make a difference. This video will help reduce that sense of insignificance.

Feeling Unmotivated

This video will help you if you're having trouble doing things that you want to do because there's just no motivation with everything that's going on.

Worried About Kids

Reduce stress and anxiety about how your kids are coping, and what's going to happen with them in terms of school, being able to see their friends, and if you're making the right decisions.

Stressed About the News

Relieve stress, anger and anxiety from watching/reading about world events on the news. You can also adapt this for when you're talking to people with different political viewpoints if you find yourself getting triggered by what they're saying. 

Scared About Staying Healthy

If you start to feel anxious about you or someone you love getting COVID, tap with this video. Added bonus: reducing stress is good for the immune system.

Going Stir Crazy in Quarantine

Tap along with this video if you're getting antsy staying home all the time. 

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