Coaching & Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Clear the beliefs, patterns and inner child traumas that are impacting your life & business.

EFT Breakthrough Session

Got a small issue you need help with?

Want to work together, but not ready for a long-term program?

Need a fresh set of eyes on a problem you're trying to solve?

Let's tap together! You'll be amazed how deep we can go in one session.

But fair warning - it's kinda addictive. In a really great, healthy & healing inner child goodness kind of way. So you'll probably want to come back for more. Just sayin....

Reignite 1-Month Mentorship

Sometimes things can feel really flat in our businesses.

If you're:

  • Overwhelmed and like you're not sure what to focus on next

  • Procrastinating, avoiding or overcomplicating your work

  • Undercharging for your services, but resisting increasing them

  • In a slump, and don't know how to get out

    Then it's not time for a new strategy. It's time for a mindset shift.

Launch Mindset Mastery

Launching doesn't have to be stress-bomb, suck the life out of you experience (gasp!).

Sure, there can be a lot of pressure around launches. We can feel stressed about the number of clients signing up, whether we're being too pushy, and basically second-guessing everything we do.

That stinks. And it's definitely NOT something you want to go through the rest of your career.

What if you could feel calm, brilliant, and - dare I say - excited during your launch instead?

It's a mind game, and you're about to be winning.

(Haha - that line is so cheesy and ridiculous, but I can't stop laughing, so we're leaving it in there. Consider yourself warned for what it's like to work with me.)....

This program is customizable to meet your needs, but we work together a minimum of 8 weeks, prior to and during your launch.

Release & Rise Membership

Coming Soon!

This monthly membership will help you work through limiting beliefs, goal trauma, and inner child trauma so you're brining your best self to your life & business.

It will include live tapping sessions, monthly tools, and my unique personal peace procedure program.

(If this is your first time hearing the term "personal peace procedure" and you're like, huh??? It's a systematic process to clear out old hurts & it's really great for creating long-term change in small bites.)