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Live & Online Programs

Do More Joy System

Want more personalized support? This is my flagship program, customized for 1:1 support. That means we get to get you where you want to be even faster.

If you'd like to work directly with me to overcome the blocks that are keeping you stuck in your career and relationships, send me a message with the word "Private".... tell me a little about yourself and what you'd like to work on together, and I'll get you all the details.

Release & Rise Group Program

Join us for this online 10-week training, designed to help you create a life with more meaning, more success, better connection with the people you love.

f you'd like to work with me on being more present at work and at home, stopping self-sabotage, and living with more passion and fulfillment, send me a message with the word "Release."

Intuitive Imagery & Tapping Session

This technique works like a neutralizer on negative programming in your brain and helps issues from money blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors, weight loss, procrastination, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear to charge for your services, lack of confidence....  

I could go on for days, but really I'd like to hit publish on this page, so you get the idea.


Wanna kick it old school with some actual paper books that I co-authored?

There's just something about being able to hand-write notes & dog-ear pages.

Success University for Women in Business

Hear from 16 successful business women from all over the world who chose to face their fears and succeed.

The Road to Success with Jack Canfield

A collection of stories and tips from today's thought leaders to guide you on your way to achieving your goals.

Women Who Inspire

Inspirational stories of healing, success, overcoming challenges, personal growth, mindfulness, soul expansion, soul alignment and finding your purpose in life.

Dear Limits: Get Out of My Way

This collection of stories will help you to re-think, re-frame, and re-learn the way you perceive limitations, both external and internal. 

Meditation & Tapping

Bite-sized goodies to help you refocus, ground, and get your ohm on.

It's spirituality for real women.

Morning & Evening Meditations

Improve your day with these mini (but mighty!) meditations.

You can listen to them free online (morning / evening), then click the button below to get a download that you can take anywhere! 

Nice Shoes, Let's Talk

Looking for something more in life but not sure how to get there?

Book a free strategy session with me, and we'll take a look-see at what's going on, and how I can help.

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