February 2


What’s Your Intention?

How are you doing. This week? Fantastic, I hope!

When people ask me how I’m doing, I normally say “fabulous.” I say it the same way people respond with “fine” – it’s my answer even when I’m not feeling 100% fab. I do that because I believe in the power of intention and the power of words.

Oh, and science.


The Power of Words

Yep, science says that our thoughts DO have energy and cause physical changes in our universe. What what?!?!

Curious to know more? Check out “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart. I’ve mentioned this book in my Facebook community before, so if this is a double tap for you, then I’m sorry. But I really do love this book. 🙂


Anyhow, back to feeling fabulous….

Setting your intention to feel a certain way, achieve a goal, or have a particular impact is a great tool.

I love setting intentions for things.  You can do it at any time.  I just did it three minutes ago before I started this letter to you.

You know, I set my intention to have you hit reply and send me your bank account info and mother’s maiden name. Haha! Just kidding. 🙂 I DID set an intention, but it was to write from my heart instead of my head, and to make your life just a little bit better by giving you a useful tip and maybe even a little laugh.

I set an intention last week at a huge networking event, and it worked out amazingly well! I was a little nervous, but I set my intention to go in, meet nice people, and do one nice thing for at least one person.

Don’t you know, halfway through the evening, a woman commented about how she said she saw me come in and thought she wanted to be like me because I seemed to confident. Haha! I told her I was actually nervous sweating, but I had set my intention right before I walked through the door.

Lesson learned:

Declarations Get Traction!

So what do you think? Want to give intention setting a go? I mean, it can’t hurt to try. Plus, I’m a million % sure that once you do, you’ll be hooked (*or your money back!). 😉

Here’s how:

1) Decide what outcome you want.

2) Affirm that outcome to yourself, no ifs, ands or buts. Example: “This conversation with the cable company is going to go great! The service rep is nice, she helps me, and I’m getting a crazy good deal.”

3) There is no step 3 – it’s seriously that easy.

Let me know in the comments what you’re setting your intentions for and how it’s working!


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