Hi!  I’m Jewell 

After 42 hours of labor, the nurse handed me my tiny, pink, perfect little baby. In that moment, I knew.

I thought, I work too much, I’m miserable and stressed out, and I need to make a change.  Every decision I make will have a ripple effect on this tiny, perfect little human, and I’m going to create a life I love for both of us.  

Seven days later, in the dead of winter in Seoul, Korea, with my husband and daughter in tow, I went into the office and submitted my resignation paperwork.  Six months later, I left active duty for the Army Reserves, and began the next chapter.


I stumbled around on my own for a while, trying to figure out how to start a business and be a mom.  I was happier than before, but I still didn’t feel like I had it together.  I didn’t have enough time to get everything done, my business wasn't working, and I and wasn’t taking any time for myself.   I felt lost.  And exhausted.

But then I found mentors who showed me that it’s possible to create the lifestyle I wanted, and taught me how to do it - without sacrificing my family time or my business focus.  

I became a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles, and a Certified Ignitor Coach, and experienced firsthand how taking charge of my life, discovering what I truly wanted, and breaking down my goals into manageable steps completely turns things around.  I learned how to get rid of time suckers that were keeping me frazzled, and to be able to focus on the people and the jobs that were in front of me.  

I'm also a bestselling author, and professional speaker.

And icing on the cake, I’m showing my daughter that she can be the best person she can be by honoring herself and her needs when she grows up.

Life is good. Really really good.

And I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, so you can bring the joy back into your life too!

I see you killing it in your career, being there for your family, AND keeping your home from being a disaster area. What happened to doing cool things when you grew up? Instead you’re spending your days locked in wrestle mania diaper changes and picking up spilled boxes of tapioca, wondering how the heck you're going to keep all the balls of your personal life and career in the air.

That’s how it was for me, waaaaay before I became a mom (minus the diapers, of course.... I was still spilling tapioca).  My normal was being stressed out, burned out, and starting every day greeting my alarm with a not-so-polite f-word (no, not “farts,” although that word does make me cringe).


You might be wondering….

What makes you so special?  How do you know how to help me?

Well, for starters, my mom always tells me I’m special.  Har har har…  

But for reals, I spent 4 years at West Point, then 14 years on active duty in the US Army, and I’m in the Reserves now.  I spent that entire time coaching, mentoring and motivating people.  Remember that old saying about getting more done before 7am?  Yeah, well we can make it work for those of us who aren’t exactly early birds too.  But don’t worry, I’m way more sunshine and unicorns than what Hollywood makes us Army-types out to be.

Today, I’m a bestselling author, professional speaker, a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles and a Certified Ignitor Coach which means I’ve mastered some pretty sweet tools and can support you big time to reach your big life and career goals, get over your mom guilt, and free up more time to spend with the people you love — pretty sweet, no?

And I've been studying different energy modalities for well over a decade, so I'm all about the chakras, energy meridians and all that other higher-self goodness.  


What exactly do you do?

I use coaching, tapping, energy shifting and teaching to make big changes in your life quickly.

Wait what?!?  “Tapping??” you ask?  Yep yep!  It’s an amazing acupressure technique that helps you do everything from getting rid of the worry knotting your stomach, to letting go of guilt so you can focus on doing your job and getting shiz done, to confidently saying no to things that suck your time and energy.  Want to know more?  Check it out here.

I have a variety of programs to support you.  Let's set up a call and see how we can work together!


What kind of results can I get?

Of course, everyone’s path is different, and what you put in determines what you get out.  But here are some things my clients have experienced:

  • Getting more things done your day, without feeling frazzled and exhausted
  • Less procrastination and more business action steps
  • The ability to focus on the people and the tasks at hand without feeling guilty or distracted
  • A streamlined to-to list and a more efficient way of reaching goals
  • Feel more grounded and able to gracefully handle setbacks and negative people as they pop up
  • More harmony between personal and professional life
  • Be more excited about life overall
  • No more guilt tripping and apologizing for making yourself a priority
  • Be more successful at work - I prioritize time and fulfillment over money, but I find that as we become more aligned with our soul-purpose and clear out blocks that are keeping us stuck, it carries over to our career results too

I totally want you to help me actually enjoy the life I’m working so hard to create!  What do I do next?

Easy peasy!  Click the button below to schedule your complimentary strategy session where we’ll figure out what steps you can take to upgrade your life.