We help kids be more confident, resilient and kind, so they grow into successful adults who make our world better.

We have some projects (and a book!) in the works. Please click the link to get notified when they're ready, or send me a note to come join us!

Connie the Yeti Book

What happens when Connie, the confetti-sneezing yeti, decides to explore the world, and realizes she might not fit in anywhere?

This book helps kids see the beauty in the things that make them different.

Publish date TBD (I'm drawing the illustrations now).

You can get on the waitlist, and I'll send you updates as we get closer.

Please share with someone who might be interested. Thank you!

Tap it Out Together

This is a series of EFT / tapping video songs for kids around 4-9.  It’s designed to help them navigate through feelings like anger, sadness, being different, etc.  And there’s some to help them relax and to feel good about the day

Test-Stress Survival

Does your kiddo get super stressed about tests and school?  In this mini course, I teach them how to feel more relaxed and confident, so they’re able to do their best.

Confidence Blueprint for Kids

So kids are wonderful.  But they don’t always realize it.  That can lead to things like not speaking up for themselves, avoiding  In this course, I teach strategies for building confidence, handling peer pressure, and dealing with stress from school, sports, and performance art.

"There is only one like you in the whole world.

There's never been anyone exactly like you before, and there will never be again.

Only you.

And people can like you exactly as you are."

- Fred Rogers