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We help kids be more confident resilient and kind, so they grow into successful adults who make our world better.

Free Workshop:

Help Your Kids Manage Stress with EFT / Tapping

Learn how to do an easy and clinically proven technique your kids can use in just minutes a day.

What we'll cover:

* Understanding stress and how it impacts our kids' ability to think clearly

* Working with the body's stress response instead of fighting it

* A simple and fast EFT process your child can use any time

Book: Connie the Yeti

Coming Soon!

What happens when Connie, the confetti-sneezing yeti, decides to explore the world, and realizes she might not fit in anywhere?

This book helps kids see the beauty in the things that make them different.

Publish date TBD (I'm drawing the illustrations now).

You can get on the waitlist, and I'll send you updates as we get closer.

Please share with someone who might be interested. Thank you!

Tapping for School & Test Stress

A program designed to help kids & teens handle stress and anxiety around school and tests - in just minutes a day.

Got Test Stress?

Fear and stress around taking tests is no joke.

It can make someone forget what they've learned, lose focus, and not be able to think clearly.

When kids have trouble testing (or with school in general), it can make them feel bad about themselves - even when they're really great, smart, wonderful kids.

In this program, you get tools your kids can use in just minutes a day to help them feel more calm about tests and schoolwork.

App: There's a Tap for That

Coming Soon!

This app has a collection of EFT / tapping sessions to help you get rid of stress and feel more calm - anytime you need it.

There's tapping for kids, parents, non-parents, maybe even goldfish. Well, it would be for goldfish if their fins could reach their tapping points.

(Woah - no joke... I just looked up goldfish stress, and turns out there actually was a study on cortisol responses of goldfish. Who knew?!)

Anyhow, this app is coming soon and it's going to be awesome. Get on the waitlist and I'll let you know when it's live.