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Let go of your inner and outer blocks so you can do the work you love.

You’re an entrepreneur who feels like you’re just not making the progress you want, and you can’t figure out why.

You’ve got all the marketing courses and picked (and switched) the software that was supposed to make things easier.  And yet…. It’s still not clicking.  You’re overwhelmed, don’t know what else to try, and you’re tired of wasting all this time, effort, and money without getting the results you want


You know it’s possible |  You see other people building successful businesses and wonder, “why isn’t that me?”  You start to question if you’re even cut out for this, but quitting feels awful because you KNOW this is what you want.

But Here's the Thing:

Growing a business isn’t only about strategy.

Sure, strategy is important, but you can have all the information in the world, and all the fancy tech set-ups ever invented, and still spin your wheels.

The problem isn’t the knowing.  It’s the implementation.

Consistency, knowing what to say without being a cookie-cutter of everyone else out there, getting wrapped up in perfectionism….  And your hours of listening to abundance affirmations aren’t doing the trick.

It's so easy to get stuck on the entrepreneur hamster wheel.

Fillng pages and pages with ideas and never implemented them.  Spending time on things that didn’t matter, all while watching other people make money doing work they love. Telling ourselves stories that they had more time, they didn’t have kids, and they had it more together than we do. 

But that isn’t the real problem….


Once we work on our inner game, everything changes.

When we identify and clear the mental and emotional blocks under the surface, we can take meaningful action to grow a profitable business that does good for our clients.

Have You Been There?

It was awful. Like, my choice to perm my hair and do the flipped-bang thing in the 80s awful.

I had all these great ideas - products, blogs, videos, etc.

Which I then wrote down in notebooks and never touched again. Seriously, they're still in a little pile in my closet (Really should clear them out, now that I'm thinking about it....).

I learned all the great marketing techniques, and implemented them for a week or two. 

I spent TONS of money and still didn’t know how to talk about how I help people in a way that excited them to work with me.

It sucked.

It wasn’t until I worked with a mentor who helped me see that the problem wasn’t:

  • my strategy,

  • my willpower, or

  • my desire.

I was the one getting in my own way - with my subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

Once I addressed that, I started to make actual progress. *gasp!*

And that, my friend, is what I want for you. Because the alternative is worse than watching the first Game of Thrones episode while eating spaghetti. (I don't recommend doing that either, by the way. Lesson learned - sign.)

That's why I created this 1:1 mentorship program....

I spent SO much time and money on the little things….  And then hid behind busy-work, never actually “putting myself out there.” 

Yeah, so guess how many clients you work with when you do that? 

Not enough to be sustainable, that’s for sure.

And the worst part is, I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my lack of progress. 

Friends would ask how my business is going, and I’d mumble something about still working on it.  I’d go to networking events, and watch as people’s eyes glazed over as I tried to give my perfect elevator pitch.

I thought maybe I should stop wasting my time and energy and just let it all go. 

But there was that part inside of me that felt like it was dying when I said that (ok, “dying” is a little dramatic, but you know that feeling I’m talking about….)


The Purpose-Fueled Entrepreneur

This 90-day mentorship is for entrepreneurs who want to create a business that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

This 1:1 coaching program will uncover and address the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that keep you from doing the actions you need to take to grow a profitable business.

What's Possible

Have clarity about who you are and what you want.  AND what you offer.

Have the confidence to talk to people about what you do and to market yourself in a way that feels good.

Take consistent, meaningful action with ease.  Say goodbye to overwhelm and perfectionism, and be able to handle setbacks (and, ahem, failures) without letting them stop your momentum.

Here's How:

Unlike traditional business coaching programs, we go beneath the surface to clear out the real causes of what’s getting in your way. 

I mean, you wouldn't wax a dirty floor, right?

(And if you've never waxed a floor, then just take my word on it. Tried to shortcut the process... spent hours cleaning up the mess. Whoops!)

I help you using my Purpose-Fueled Philosophy Framework.

Why it Works

Being successful in business takes three components:


Knowing who you are, what you want, and who you serve sets you in the right direction.


Letting go of our gremlins, imposter syndrome, and need for perfectionism lets you show up in a way that’s uniquely you.


Being able to take consistent action without all the overwhelm is what gets tangible results.

This is for you if:

You’ve done all the things and still aren’t seeing the results you want in your business

You’re tired of watching everyone else be successful while you struggle and aren’t sure why.

You’re willing to do the deep work of uncovering what’s happening underneath.  It isn’t easy to navigate these parts of ourselves, but you know it will be worth it.

You want to work with someone who’s been there, and understands the mind-body-action connection in a way that goes beyond basic coaching techniques.

What's Included

90-minute Money Mindset Map session where we map out your specific mind-body-action triggers

Business audit / messaging review so we can see where you are and build upon what you have.

12 x 1-hour coaching calls

Daily mindset exercise prompts to help you start (or end) your day on the right foot.

M-F Voxer messaging support for quick questions in between calls so you can keep up your momentum

Bonuses! Some of my favorite resources to help make growing your business easier

Investment = $3,000

(Payment plans available)

One chance to make a difference

and do good things that will create a ripple effect for our kids, and their kids....

But there's more than fancy titles, promotions, and amazing vacations (although those are great too).

For me, a life well-lived is all about how we choose to invest those moments of time we've been given.

Hi, I'm Jewell!

I help you connect with your purpose and break through obstacles so you can design a life + business that makes an impact in the world and in your family.

What I believe...

Time Is Our Most Precious Resource

Becoming a mom is what taught me the true value of time.

We get ONE CHANCE here in this life.

One chance to be with the people we love

you asked

Frequently Asked Questions



This isn’t a course to teach you how to improve on social media or grow your email list.  This program aims to help you implement the steps you need to take to grow your business.  However, I do have experience in the whole business-building realm and have helped previous clients with things like message clarity, content creation, and (gasp!) even tech, and will help you with those as well.



Outside of our calls, you can take about 5-10 minutes daily on the You work.  This program isn’t meant to eat up all your time.  This program is designed to help you take more efficient and focused action on the tasks you’re already doing in your business.



No. Due to the personalized nature of this work, I do not offer refunds.  You’re here because you’re tired of spinning your wheels in your business and are committed to making a change.  And I only work with clients who are 100% committed to doing the work all the way through.



Once we decide if this is the right fit for you on the consult call, we’ll schedule our sessions based on our schedules.  You’ll get immediate access to the members portal with the getting started resources as soon as you sign up

Ready to get started?