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I help working women be more productive so they have the time, energy and freedom to actually enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to create.


Life Upgraded

Because this isn't a dress rehearsal.

I'm Jewell Siebert - an intuitive coach, bestselling author, and founder of Life Upgraded - a company that supports you in being more productive, so you get stop just getting by, and actually enjoy the life you work so hard to create.  My mission is to help working women streamline their schedules, reduce their stress, heal energy blocks, improve their relationships, and add more fun in their lives.  Heck. Freaking. Yeah.



“Is this really what having-it-all looks like?” 

There are three minutes until you’re supposed to be out the door, you’re frantically trying to wrap up an email that needs to get out TODAY, and your kiddo is running around the house refusing to put on pants.  Again.

Some days it feels like life is just a matter of playing catch-up on a never ending hamster wheel.

Sure, there’s meditation, finding your balance, having a killer organization system…but how the heck are you supposed to do all that in between schlepping bags between dance classes and sporting events, researching the best STEM activities, and actually making a buck so you don’t have to stress about keeping that really nice to have roof over your head?

Sometimes it feels like it’d be much easier to have that Stepford Wife computer chip or whatever secret sauce June Cleaver drank.  But then again, it does feel  great to be able to raise your kiddos AND have a fulfilling career.  You just wish there was an easier way to get your crap together.

What if it was possible to find the happy medium?  

Wouldn’t it be great to feel less frazzled, have it together, worry less, and get a lot more done?  Wouldn’t it be great to have the time and money freedom to take the vacations — heck, even just bubble baths — you’ve always wanted?

Ready for something better?

I’m talking about:

  • Spending time with friends and family without worrying about the piles of laundry you stashed in the closet for your in-laws’ visit
  • Being able to put your phone down and enjoy the vacation without worrying about the articles you should have reviewed before you put on your out-of-office reply
  • Letting go of the overwhelm that somehow glued you to the couch and made you binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession (because, really, you know you couldn’t get everything done anyhow, so what’s the point?)
  • Going to bed at a decent hour because your to-dos are to-done
  • Not feeling guilty about spending time on and enjoying your work
  • Having the freedom (time and money) to get that freaking massage already!

Sounds amazing, right?

The amazeballs news is that it’s not only possible, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than you would think.  Yay easy!  We’re not all duchesses who can (or even want) to dash the babes off to a wet nurse in the country so we can focus solely on running our kingdom.

Let's connect and see how to make this the year everything changes for you!


Life Upgrade

Life Upgrade.  It's my signature system that's a VIP experience to support you in getting more time in your day, slaying your to-do list, having more time and financial freedom to do the things you love, and get your sanity back and living life like a VIP boss lady.  Sounds fun, eh?  Believe me - it is!  

VIP Intensive

Ooh - that's right!  You can get 4 hours of 1:1 time dedicated to up-leveling your mindset, your productivity and your life.  We'll talk strategy, work through blocks, and get you a jump start on achieving your goals.   Sign up below!


This acupressure technique works like a virus on negative programming in your brain and works to fix everything from money blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors, weight loss, procrastination, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear to charge for your services, lack of confidence....  I could go on for days, but really I'd like to hit publish on this page, so you get the idea.


"Jewell has an incredible gift....”

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