Create a life that honors your Soul - the Truth of who you are & what you want

Transform limiting beliefs and habits with EFT / Tapping so you can be the person you were born to be.

For Entrepreneurs

Building a great business starts on the inside.

Here are tools to help you get your mind and body working together so you can work your magic.

For Kids & Parents

Resources to help kids and parents handle stress and difficult emotions.

Come check out Happy Life Seeds.

Here's What's Going On Now

Goodies, Events & Happenings

Free Workshop: Get Started with EFT / Tapping

Curious about how this thing where you repeatedly hit yourself in the face (and elsewhere) is supposed to make you feel better?

Yeah - I thought it was crazy too at first. :)

Sign up for this live workshop and I'll teach you what it's all about, and how to do it.

The Podcast

It's a riveting show full of adventure, suspense, and excitement!

Not really....

It's about life and how to handle everyday challenges and stuff.

Come check it out - it's fun.

Tapping Circle for Veterans

Each month I host a taping circle for veterans. We get together and tap on whatever's on your mind. Totally low-key.

P.S. That's a no-filter photo I took at Big Bend. Isn't it gorgeous there? So peaceful.

Cozy Blanket Books

Do you like books?

This is our publishing house.

Right now we've got journals and notebooks.

Coming soon: My first children's book, Connie the Yeti

Hi There, I'm Jewell

And I'm on a mission to help people love themselves & stop settling for being happy-ish.

To connect with what lights you up inside, and let go of the subconscious programming that keeps you stuck.

So you grow the business that you love running...

So you feel fulfilled...

You're there for the little moments with the people you love....

And you wake up excited about the day.

As Seen On:

"I would hire you because you have such wonderful energy - I just want to be around it every week. You have what we call the 'It Factor.'

You are so radiant and vibrant, I know you’re going to help other people experience that in themselves."


Originator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series and The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, award-winning speaker, and internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies.