EFT / Tapping for more focus, fun & flow

Clear limiting beliefs, create new habits and integrate your inner child.


Help Your Kids Manage Stress with EFT / Tapping

Curious about how this thing where you repeatedly tap yourself in the face (and elsewhere) is supposed to make you feel better?

Yeah - I thought it was crazy too at first. :)

Sign up for this live workshop and I'll teach you what it's all about, and how to help your kids use it to help with stress.

What We Do

We help kids & teens handle big emotions

So they can be more confident, resilient and kind, & grow into adults who make our world better.

We help entrepreneurs free up mental energy

So they make more money in their business, with less stress, self-doubt & overwhelm.

Hi, I'm Jewell

I'm an EFT / Tapping practitioner and certified coach who helps people handle stress, self-doubts and perfectionism.

I'm also a mom, so I know firsthand how big kid's emotions can get, and how hard it can feel when they don't have the resources to manage them.

In my work, I use scientifically-proven neuro-somatic techniques combined with tools I learned in the 21+ years of my military service to cope with stress in a healthy and efficient way.

That's because I've found that addressing our natural body responses along with the mental aspect is an incredibly effective way to create lasting change for people.

If you'd like to learn more about me, check it out here.

I'm really glad you're here!

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Tapping for School & Test Stress Programs

For Grade School Kids

This program is for kids ages 5-11.

It's designed to help with stress around taking tests, homework, and friendships.

There are some instructional videos, workbooks and guides, and over 20 tapping videos your kids can use when they're feeling anxious, nervous, mad, etc.

For Tweens & Teens

This program is for kids ages 12-18.

It approaches the same topics as the course for grade schoolers, but from an older perspective.

Plus it includes other topics such as dating, college placement tests, and the changes that come with being a teen.

Blog: Happy Life Seeds

Confident Kids. A Better World.

Book: Connie the Yeti

What happens when Connie, the confetti-sneezing yeti, decides to explore the world, and realizes she might not fit in anywhere?

This book helps kids see the beauty in the things that make them different.

Publish date TBD (I'm drawing the illustrations now).

You can get on the waitlist, and I'll send you updates as we get closer.

Please share with someone who might be interested. Thank you!

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You are so radiant and vibrant, I know you’re going to help other people experience that in themselves."


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FREE VIDEO & Worksheet

EFT / Tapping for Self-Forgiveness

Are you having trouble letting go of a mistake you made?

Beating yourself up for something you did in the past isn't very helpful for moving forward, but it can be hard to stop.

Here's a 10 minute tapping video & worksheet to help you be more gentle with yourself so you can practice self-forgiveness.